67 minutes for Mandela was extra special in the 100th year since Tata’s birth. The Temi Team, apart from being actively involved in the Nelson Mandela Build Week in Lawley, was contributing to the Bekkersdal community specifically on 18th July 2018.

Among the efforts made by the company to service the community, honey sucker trucks were used as a clean-up initiative and Maputle Primary School received a brand-new jungle gym as well as lunch packs for the children to enjoy a balanced meal. It was clear to the Temi Team that our South African youth have such great potential and it is leading the communities into improved standards of living that is part of changing lives for the future.

Bekkersdal old age home was also visited on the day to acknowledge their value and share some much-appreciated love and care. Groceries and a television were donated, and fruit parcels were distributed to the elderly. A final celebratory gesture in the form of a giant South African flag cake was made to share the celebration of Madiba’s legacy.

The final stop for the day was Mandela Base No Sp25 where the needs of the community were really noticed. Food parcels and blankets were donated to community members and the difference made was evident on their faces.

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