Bongi Majozi

About the Majozi Foundation

The Majozi Foundation is a registered NPC and is currently operating in the Clermont community in Kwa Zulu Natal. Our greatest aim is to adequately respond to the various social ills that arise in the Clermont township.

The Foundation’s main objectives are the alleviation of poverty through various community development initiatives which includes skills training programmes, youth development as well as the creation of sports arts and recreation programmes within the community.

Most importantly, we have set-up a bursary assistance program to assist students from disadvantaged communities to further their studies. The intended outcome is to enable them to contribute meaningfully to society


Award full bursaries to top Grade 12 learners from Clermont high schools.


Support and enhance student grades by providing tutoring for subjects Mathematics, Accounting and Science.


Enhance culture of learning and teaching in Clermont schools.


Identify networking opportunities for the foundation with universities which can foster support systems for the students in various varsities.


Create and support a volunteer network to enable the students of the foundation and other students to engage in community development initiatives.