I am currently studying towards a National Diploma In Building Science at the University of Johannesburg. I have been an Intern at Temi Construction since the beginning of September 2016 to date. I am generally self-driven, which sums up my experience at Temi Construction, a fast paced and action packed growing company which demands attention and is persistent in being noticed as an Industry changer in our country and inevitably in the continent as an entity which delivers Quality before quantity.


Temi Construction took me out of my comfort zone, I challenged myself to think out of the box, take initiative and be open to new tasks. Today, I am grateful that Temi Construction has afforded me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow by sponsoring my final year of studies. On successful completion of my studies, I would like to join Temi Construction to continue to learn and add value to the company, for a long-term commitment which will be mutually beneficial.

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