Kidston Junior Primary – Lapetuka Cluster

Eastern Cape Department of Basic Education

Project description:
The Eastern Cape #teamtemi have just successfully completed The Kidston Primary School Project. The school has been given the name of Etora Primary School, named after a nearby river. It has 20 classrooms, a computer lab, a media centre, a dining hall, a library, various sports facilities as well as a tuckshop to cater to sporting events. In addition, it also has a 500-occupancy hall, a staff building equipped with an intercom system to every building, an 80-pupil kindergarten complete with self-sufficient kitchen to cater to the smallest of the learners.

The school is also fitted with an electric, automated water supply system that harvests rain water using multiple JoJo tanks and boreholes to ensure sure the children and staff always have drinking water available. As John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and Learnership are indispensable to each other.” We look forward to seeing what great leaders, ministers and presidents come from this wonderful school! Well done team #wedeliver  Head here for more info about the school.


  • 22 buildings blocks with superstructure walls
  • Construction of roofs and beams
  • External services
  • Paving
  • Fencing

Project status:

#teamtemi #wedeliver #buildingprojects #underconstruction

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