Meet one of our interns who is currently working at our Pholela Special Needs School construction site as a junior quantity surveyor intern.


Mcebo enjoys problem solving as part of working in a team which makes his internship with us great work experience and incredibly rewarding.


Here’s an interview with Mcebo…


By being a team we are able to solve problems easily

– Mcebo Cele on teamwork during his internship as a Junior Quantity Surveyor (QS).


What makes Temi Construction a top-choice company to work for?

TEMI have values of high performance and integrity and also values growing into a trusted brand that will leave a lasting legacy, craving honest feedback from its employees and a culture of collaboration”.


Do you find that you need to work closely with people as a team on site? How so?

Yes, professional teamwork will always be a priority in all the construction progress stages because it ensures best results and client satisfaction. By being a team we are able to solve problems easily“.


What is the most unexpected lesson you’ve learned while working compared to the theory you learned during your studies?

As important as it is to study, site experience is also vital. During studies we just do estimation without doing any allowance for off cut. On site, we estimate from excising dwelling and on drawings. There is also more office work.


What part of your job do you enjoy the most? Why?

Being a “Taker off” (measure the quantity of materials) because it is where most people experience difficulties and I get a lot of challenges every day that help me to get more experience“.


What advice would you give back to yourself as a student, now that you have gained some work experience?

Every day is a new day, keep learning, get involved in various activities and be hands-on. I must be honest in my work, to my employer and people, be dedicated and love my job – automatically it will love me back”. 


How would you describe the career path you want to pursue?

My primary career goal is to find a position where I can stay long term.This position aligns nicely with my career goal of becoming a quantity surveyor within an agency environment. The role is in my comfort zone, but a new enough approach that will intrigue me, and TEMI’s size is adequate to support growth“.


How is Temi Construction helping you to follow your desired career path?

By allowing me to gain vital experience in the field of quantity surveying and leading me to graduate under this field of study, assisting me to further develop my skills in practice“.


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