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DUT Steve Biko Campus

Multipurpose hall and student centre progress at DUT Steve Biko Campus

DUT Steve Biko Campus

DUT Steve Biko Campus

Durban University of Technology


Construction of Education Facilities in South Africa



#teamtemi celebrates key milestones as we build at DUT Steve Biko Campus. The Multipurpose hall’s piling is complete, with structure having reached 60% completion. The student centre’s piling is also complete and is at 30% structural completion.


The technical team on site has executed milestone steps without complications and the next phase for the student centre is to complete the decking and staging so that the first-floor slab can be poured.


15 Months


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#teamtemi #wedeliver #constructionSA #educationfacilities. Construction of Education Facilities in South Africa. Temi Construction is one of the leading black owned construction companies in South Africa. Established in 2010, TEMI prides itself on top quality, timeous delivery which it proudly reinforces with their core value of ‘We Deliver’. This TEMI core value is enforced by their team of experienced and dedicated professionals, to ensure that every of our construction of education facilities in South Africa is completed to the highest standard and on time. Find out more info on the Steve Biko project here.


28th Sep 2020


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