#TeamTemi Durban took part in the Master Builders Association annual Soccer event held at the University of KZN on Saturday the 18th of August 2018. This was a well contested event featuring several construction companies and other titans in the construction industry. Our team comprised a happy mix of personnel from site management, site administration as well as general assistants from the two sites Temi Construction is currently active on in Durban.


Being a newcomer to the event, and not having had sufficient preparation, a sense of the underdog atmosphere filled the air – but the true spirit of shared ambition dwelt amongst #TeamTemi players.


This saw the team emerging top of the group at group stage, bagging one victory and a draw. On progression to Semi-finals, TEMI took part in a jaw-dropping match and emerged victors once again by securing a spot in the quarter finals!


Just when victory was becoming habitual, the quarterfinals saw TEMI bow down to a 1-0 defeat which again, was a tightly contested encounter between pride and prejudice.


Even though we took an exit from the tournament with just a knock from the final, TEMI may not have received the award but we deeply embraced the rewards of unexpected victories, immeasurable happiness, and above all the unsurpassed fruits of team spirit.


Until next year, Temi Construction Durban may be beaten, but we remain undefeated!!


Special Thanks to Temi Construction Pty Ltd for allowing the Durban team to represent them in this event.


Author: Adolph Chikasha – Site Agent for Temi Construction, Durban.

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