Nkosithandile Zwezwe works as an intern Junior Quantity Surveyor with #teamtemi at our Pholela Special Needs School site. Read his construction intern story here…


Nkosi’s personal sentiment on his internship thus far:


I’m grateful to TEMI for the opportunity to be part of this great team and looking forward to serving the company more“.



What makes TEMI a top-choice company to work for?

Temi Construction is a well-known company, which has proven itself through the many successful projects it has completed. Working for such a company gives you priceless experience and exposure“.


Do you find that you need to work closely with people as a team on-site? How so?

Yes, I feel working as a team is the most productive way to do things. Everyone has a role to play on-site, so working together and sharing ideas helps with getting the best solution to any challenge we face“.


What is the most unexpected lesson you’ve learned while working?

I have always thought that doing my job practically on-site was going to be very difficult – only to find out that it’s simpler than studying theory at school. After the experience of working, I feel I would find things much easier if I were to go back to school.


What part of your job do you enjoy the most? Why?

“Measuring – because I have always loved doing calculations and that is why I chose Quantity Surveying as a career“.


What advice would you give back to yourself as a student, now that you have gained some work experience?

“Never take the things you learned at school for granted – the same principles are applied in the working environment. When given an opportunity just stick to the basic principles you’ve studied at school and you will never fail”. 


How would you describe the career path you want to pursue?

Quantity Surveying is a very interesting career, and what I have picked up since I have started working is that in this career you have no room for error. Our primary duty is to be as strategic with the company’s resources as possible. This career has a lot of pressure which makes it more interesting and keeps you on your toes“.


How is Temi Construction helping you to follow your desired career path?

Temi Construction is giving me a platform to kick start my career, and my intention is to take full advantage of this opportunity. I got an opportunity to work with very experienced professionals from whom I’m learning a lot. I’m grateful to TEMI for the opportunity to be part of this great team and looking forward to serving the company more“.

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