Sanele Dlamini works as an intern Junior Site Engineer with #teamtemi


In his construction intern stories interview, Sanele pointed out that Temi Construction encourages employees to work efficiently and how TEMI assists students in achieving their dreams.



What makes TEMI a top-choice company to work for?

Temi Construction is a professional company that is well-organized. They provide a good work environment that is directly related to building a better place to work. They encourage employees to work efficiently and assist students in achieving their dreams“.


Do you find that you need to work closely with people as a team on site? How so?

Yes – because as people we think differently and those different views benefit the project and team members. This helps us to solve difficult problems and it also helps me as an individual to become a critical thinker“.


What is the most unexpected lesson you’ve learned while working?

At university, we were busy solving ‘problems’ without knowing exactly what we were solving. Seeing these problems now in practice, I have learned that communication and teamwork are the most important things. Practical is also more challenging than theory.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most? Why?

“I most enjoy being on-site, assisting employees to solve problems and using my skills in interpreting drawings“.


What advice would you give back to yourself as a student, now that you have gained some work experience?

“Stay humble; respect everyone on site; learn how to work and communicate well with fellow your colleagues”. 


How would you describe the career path you want to pursue?

I always want to give my best level of service in my work. My ambition is to have a job that is meaningful to me and the biggest aim in my career is to make a difference so that I will always be proud of what I have done“.


How is Temi Construction helping you to follow your desired career path?

By giving me experience in the field of civil engineering and further developing my practical skills. This will lead me to graduate within this field of study and has helped me already to understand my unanswered questions“.

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